Project Update

For You...

I started Cellar Doors in October 2010 when I was unemployed, in part, as a way to stay productive while searching for work. Although I’ve been working for a year now, it has become increasingly difficult to dedicate time to the project, so moving forward I will take a backseat to the project.

In lieu of my videos and stories, the facebook page of Cellar Doors will be used to primarily showcase other people’s creativity. In my absence, Christianna Cassisa, an artist I became friends with after she contributed work to the project, will be at the helm of the page and gallery.

While I still plan on contributing when I can, I look forward to finding inspiration from others wanting to showcase their creativity and gain some exposure.

Thank you for your support and encouragement over the past 15 months. It has made all the difference.

Time to play…


Damon (a.k.a. Aden Moss)

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